All About Hibernation: Yogi Bear™ Takes a Winter Nap

Hey there, campers! Guess what? The 2023 camping season at Cleveland Sandusky Jellystone Park™ is almost over. Our last day is October 29th, and Yogi Bear™ and his buddies are getting ready for hibernation. That’s a long winter sleep! Let’s learn more about hibernation and what other animals do the same.

What is Hibernation?

Hibernation is a special kind of deep sleep that some animals do in winter. It helps them save energy and stay alive when it’s cold and there’s not much food around.

Animals That Love Hibernation


Just like Yogi Bear™, other bears also go into hibernation. They can sleep for up to seven months and wake up in the spring, all ready for fun!


You might know these guys because of Groundhog Day. Well, they also love hibernation and sleep for about 3-6 months.


Some bats take a winter break, too. They hibernate because it’s hard to find bugs to eat when it’s cold.


These cute little guys curl up in a ball and hibernate in nests made of leaves and twigs.

Hibernation | Cleveland Sandusky Jellystone Park™

Cool Hibernation Facts
  • Did you know the Arctic ground squirrel gets super cold during hibernation? Almost like it’s frozen!
  • Some animals, like the dormouse, lose a lot of weight during hibernation because they use up all their stored snacks.
What’s Coming Up at Jellystone Park™

While Yogi Bear™ and his friends are in hibernation, we’ll be making the park even cooler for next year.

We’re adding:

  • A new place to wash up
  • A fancy camping area with safari tents
  • More cabins
  • And extra spots for RVs

So, please ‘bear’ with us as we make these awesome changes!

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Wrapping Up: Hibernation is Amazing!

As Yogi Bear™ and his friends get ready for hibernation, it’s a great time to think about how awesome nature is. We can’t wait to see you back at Cleveland Sandusky Jellystone Park™ after everyone wakes up from hibernation in Spring 2024!

Don’t ‘paws’-reserve your spot for 2024 and make sure you’re not ‘hibernating’ on the best deals!